Fitness Shoes

The flexibility and shock absorption of running shoes and the stability and durability of the shoes of “court”. The result is a versatile several-purpose shoe.

To choose proper footwear for fitness must take into account three factors:

• The Nature of Activity

• The Level of impacts

• The bio-mechanical cycle

Nature of Business

Sports can be described as an activity which uses linear movements (in line such as race), and lateral movements such as tennis, with or without the ability to race. To choose the best fitness shoes you must take into account what is the nature of the “business”. Is it activities with machines? Is it group lessons? What is the total weight of the race in the exercise? etc., on some occasions it may be preferable to choose a specific shoe for each sport instead of a single model.

High rotation cycling, for example, require footwear with specific characteristics. If your main activity is to run on treadmill, then the shoe most appropriate would be a running one.

There are two sports that due to the request that cause to the shoes, should not be practiced with gym shoes. These two activities are soccer and tennis.

Fashion Vs function

One of the problems of this category is the choice of footwear using only the criteria look / Fashion in place of real concern for the needs of practitioners. Among all types of sports shoes, this is by chance the one that where it is more common to see the use of totally inappropriate footwear for sport.

Before buying a shoe for fitness we should know the weight of each of the various activities that we will practice, because if we practice any activity intensely, we would be better served with specific shoes for the sport concerned.

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